SilkGenie Elderflower foraging - homemade cordial

Elderflower foraging - homemade cordial

Elderflower foraging - homemade cordial

For any of you that follow me over on Instagram, you'll know that I have been eagerly anticipating elderflower season!


I really enjoy elderflower cordial, but it can be quite pricey, and since there are bushes in abundance around where I live, I started to make my own. It's soooo easy and also a great activity to get the kids involved in.

There are a number of recipes that can be found online all varying the amount of florettes used, but I definitely think the stronger the better.

Firstly, we shake the flower heads over a surface to make sure they're bug free...

Shaking elderflower florette

...then put them all into a large pan, before adding 2 sliced lemons, sugar (I use about 500g) citric acid and cover in water.

Elderflowers in a pan
Elderflower and lemons

Bring to the boil, cover and let everything infuse overnight off the heat. We then strain everything through some muslin cloth, bottle it up and add a crushed campden tablet to help with preservation.

I then like to enjoy it with some ice, lemon and maybe even gin ;-) 


Homemade elderflower cordial


Do you have any favourite foraging recipes? Let us know in the comments below

Sarah x

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