Improving SilkGenie’s environmental impact

Improving SilkGenie’s environmental impact

Improving SilkGenie’s environmental impact

As a business, being environmentally conscious is an important responsibility. Now, more than ever, customers are opting to shop more sustainably and slow fashion is becoming more popular with the use of platforms such as Vinted and eBay.

At SilkGenie we have always been proud of the fact that we use preloved silk garments in our products due to the environmental impact that silk production has on the silkworm. However, improvements can always be made, that’s why I’m happy to announce that the outer materials of the silk lined hair wraps are being swapped out from polyester to a bamboo/cotton mix. 

The benefits of using natural materials go way beyond the impact on the environment, boasting Thermoregulating, anti/microbial and breathable properties, they are also more comfortable to wear 


So, what’s the difference between bamboo and polyester? 

Bamboo: organic natural fibre, decomposes naturally when discarded (biodegradable), breathable, naturally anti-bacterial, excellent temperature control, sustainable material, hypo-allergenic, has UV protection properties  

Polyester: man-made synthetic fibre containing plastics, does not decompose naturally, not breathable.



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