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Cream silk lined woolly hat, beanie (upcycled silk)

Cream silk lined woolly hat, beanie (upcycled silk)

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Cream silk lined woolly hat, beanie (upcycled silk)

The cream silk lined woolly hat, beanie (upcycled silk): an essential for anyone looking for curly hair products!

Silk helps to keep hair hydrated and reduces friction, which causes frizz. This has a significant positive effect on hair, allowing it the conditions to grow long and healthy. Silk also has the added benefits of maintaining your hair style for longer.

Hair wraps have been used by communities around the world for centuries, harnessing the benefits they have on hair. More recently they have became popular within the curly hair community, particularly with those following the Curly Girl Method and seeking to prolong their wash day results.

All of these hats have been made from upcycled silk garments such as scarves and shirts and preloved hats. Due to this, most of the hats will be very limited supply, often with only one or two being made from the same colour and pattern material.

Both materials used by SilkGenie contribute to diverting waste from landfills, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, water and energy use, compared to regular polyester and silk production.

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