SilkGenie Guest post - Periwinkle Ink

Guest post - Periwinkle Ink

Guest post - Periwinkle Ink

Today, we're talking stationary, specifically stamps! If you're as keen to keep your packaging as sustainable as I am, stamps can be used to set your branded packaging apart from the rest. Sara from Periwinkle Ink joins us today (I have one of her 'recycle' stamps, and I love it).


Hi, my name is Sara and I'm the artist behind Periwinkle Ink. I started my business during the first lockdown when I lost my part time job in finance. Having three small children, finding work that juggles family life is hard at the best of times! So I decided then would be a good time to try turning my passion into a business, and a negative into a positive. 


I'm also quite an environmental activist and try to make sure that any of my art is as environmentally friendly as possible and this was the route I wanted my art business to take and to promote.  For example, the majority of my art uses water based inks, recycled paper, reused packaging etc. 



I initially started with just my linocut wall art in my Etsy shop. It was my sister in law that suggested to also sell the little ink stamps I made for personal use in my shop. I was a bit sceptical that they would achieve any sales, as we all know you can purchase mass produced, often imported cheap ink stamps in any art and craft store!  Who would want to pay more for a hand carved one? But with nothing to lose, I listed a few designs, as they fitted well with my business ethos of eco friendly products. Ink stamps are perfect for making your own recyclable wrapping paper out of brown parcel paper, as well as many other uses. These products have proved me wrong, and have been very successful. I'm always adding to the range and now have over 100 designs and growing.  I think it's fantastic that people still value hand crafted items and would pay a little more for a one of a kind item than purchase a cheaper machine made stamp. 



I'm pleased to say that one of my top 3 stamp designs has been my recycle ♻️ symbol. This would suggest it is mostly bought by other etsy store holders or businesses that are also on their own environmentally conscious journey, considering the impact of their products and materials, promoting the 3 Rs, etc. 



I'm loving my small business and how it fits perfectly with my busy family life and I'm finally doing what I enjoy which is being creative and being my own boss. 


Thank you Sara! To find out more about Periwinkle Ink, check out the Instagram page here


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