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Global Recognition Awards

Global Recognition Awards


I am honoured to announce that SilkGenie has won a Global Recognition Award for Eco-Silk Innovator!

Since launch in September 2020, we have successfully diverted in excess of 650 silk garments from landfill, which is amazing!!

Thank you to everyone who is purchased SilkGenie items over the past 2 and a half years, you really have made a difference! 

Now let’s save another 650! 

What the judges had to say about SilkGenie:

“Good news. Our judges have awarded you a Global Recognition Award.

Award Title: The Eco-Silk Innovator Award

We are delighted to present the Eco-Silk Innovator Award to Sarah Drummond, the creative mind behind SilkGenie.

Through her dedication to eco-conscious practices and phenomenal success, Sarah has proven that sustainability and innovation can go hand-in-hand.

By manufacturing silk hair wraps and accessories using repurposed materials, she has diverted over 650 silk garments from landfill since September 2020.

Sarah's forward-thinking approach to product development has allowed her to create a unique silk-lined hair wrap that replaces polyester satin hair bonnets with a sustainable alternative, simultaneously reducing waste and improving the experience for her customers.

SilkGenie's sincere commitment to transparency and craftsmanship has contributed to its achievement of a 'great' status on the Good on You app, setting an inspiring example for businesses worldwide

With over 1,400 units sold globally in just 2.5 years, Sarah's entrepreneurial spirit and environmental sensitivity embody the values of the Global Recognition Award.

We are proud to honor her achievements and celebrate her journey to make the world a better place.

Congratulations, Sarah Drummond, the Eco-Silk Innovator!”

- Global Recognition Awards
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