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Taupe and blue silk lined bamboo hair wrap

Taupe and blue silk lined bamboo hair wrap

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Taupe and blue silk lined bamboo hair wrap

SilkGenie brings you a revolutionary solution for your nighttime hair care routine with their taupe hair wrap sleeping gaiter. This upcycled silk hair wrap gaiter is a must-have for anyone in search of effective curly hair products.

Key Features of taupe hair wrap sleeping gaiter:

Hair Health: Each night, our hair endures friction and moisture loss when it rubs against rough bed linens. The sleeping gaiter is crafted from silk, a natural material that keeps hair hydrated and reduces friction. This, in turn, prevents frizz and promotes hair growth, giving your locks the love they deserve.

Extended Hair Styling: Silk not only cares for your hair but also helps maintain your chosen style for longer periods. Say goodbye to unruly morning tangles and flattened curls with this gaiter.

● Eco-Friendly Construction: SilkGenie is committed to sustainability. The outer material of these wraps is made from bamboo promoting environmental consciousness.

Unique Upcycled Designs: Every hair wrap gaiter is a one-of-a-kind creation, as they are handcrafted from upcycled silk garments like scarves and shirts. This limited supply ensures you own a truly unique and eco-friendly accessory.

● Size: With dimensions of 42 cm/ 16.54 inches in length and 22cm/ 8.66 inches (unstretched) to 32cm/ 12.60 inches (stretched) in width, these gaiters comfortably fit a variety of head sizes.

How to use: 

  1. Open the wrap and pull it over your head, down to your neck like a scarf
  2. Flip your head forward
  3. With the silk on the inside, pull one side of the wrap back over your head until the opposite end pulls up to your hairline
  4. position your head upright and shake any excess hair back into the wrap
  5. you can then either leave it as it is or secure it at the end with a hair tie, or tuck it into the band at the hairline

The taupe hair wrap sleeping gaiter is a game-changer for hair enthusiasts, especially those following the Curly Girl Method. Its luscious silk lining offers hair the care it deserves, while the eco-friendly design aligns with conscious consumer values. Incorporate this exceptional hair wrap into your nightly routine to enjoy healthier, stylish hair.

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