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Improving SilkGenie’s environmental impact

Improving SilkGenie’s environmental impact

Improving SilkGenie’s environmental impact: Embracing an eco-minded approach is integral to our business commitment. With the rising trend of sustainable shopping and slow fashion winning favor over fast, platforms like Vinted and eBay have gained popularity. We at SilkGenie take immense pride in incorporating preowned silk garments in our line-up, mindful of silk farming's environmental repercussions on the silk moth. Nevertheless, the road to improvement is endless, and that's why we are thrilled to share that we are transitioning the outer fabric of our silk-lined hair wraps from polyester to a more sustainable bamboo-cotton blend.

The advantages of utilizing natural materials extend further than their eco-friendly aspects; with their Thermoregulating, antimicrobial, and breathable characteristics, they provide enhanced comfort when worn.

So, what’s the difference between bamboo and polyester? 

Bamboo: organic natural fibre, decomposes naturally when discarded (biodegradable), breathable, naturally anti-bacterial, excellent temperature control, sustainable material, hypo-allergenic, has UV protection properties  

Polyester: man-made synthetic fibre containing plastics, does not decompose naturally, not breathable.

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