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Black, bronze and purple silk lined bamboo hair wrap

Black, bronze and purple silk lined bamboo hair wrap

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Black, bronze and purple silk lined bamboo hair wrap

Introducing the silk hair wrap for sleeping: a luxurious, eco-friendly solution that's revolutionising hair care for those seeking the secret to luscious, healthy locks. This innovative silk hair wrap is the perfect choice for anyone in search of curly hair products.

Key Features of a silk hair wrap for sleeping: 

Silk: Crafted from upcycled silk garments, this hair wrap is not only chic but also environmentally conscious, with each piece being unique. Silk is renowned for its ability to keep hair hydrated and reduce friction that leads to frizz, making it an essential part of your nightly beauty regimen.

Hair Health Saviour: The hair wrap offers an effective solution to combat common hair issues caused by abrasive bed linens. It prevents hair from drying out, split ends, breakage, and thinning, promoting long, healthy hair growth. Additionally, it helps maintain your hairstyle for extended periods.

Curly Hair Community Favorite: Widely embraced within the curly hair community, especially by the followers of the Curly Girl Method, this hair wrap is designed to preserve the results of your wash day rituals. Say goodbye to unruly morning hair and hello to consistent, gorgeous curls.

Eco-Conscious Materials: This hair wrap has a dual-layer design, featuring an outer material made from bamboo. This not only aids in maintaining your hair's moisture balance but also aligns with sustainable living principles.

Size: The hair wrap measures 42 cm/ 16.5 inches in length and 22 cm/ 8.5 inches in width when unstretched, expanding to 32cm/ 12.5 inches when stretched, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

How to use: 

  1. Open the wrap and pull it over your head, down to your neck like a scarf
  2. Flip your head forward
  3. With the silk on the inside, pull one side of the wrap back over your head until the opposite end pulls up to your hairline
  4. position your head upright and shake any excess hair back into the wrap
  5. you can then either leave it as it is or secure it at the end with a hair tie, or tuck it into the band at the hairline

The silk hair wrap for sleeping combines elegance, eco-friendliness, and hair health benefits, making it an essential accessory for anyone desiring stunning, well-nourished hair. Elevate your night time routine and let your hair shine with the silk hair wrap. 

Outer material: bamboo jersey 

Inner material: 100% silk

Sizing: one size (length - 42cm/16.5 inches, width -  44cm / 17 inches (pre-stretch), 64cm / 25 inches (stretched)) suitable for thin/thick and long/short hair. 

Care instructions: hand wash only 

Materials used by SilkGenie contribute to diverting waste from landfills, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, water and energy use, compared to regular silk production.

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