SilkGenie - About me

Hi, I'm Sarah, and I am the owner of SilkGenie.

Sarah Drummond

SilkGenie was launched in September 2020. Having wavy hair myself, I was always on the look-out for something to help preserve my hair until the next wash day.

Silk and satin bonnets have been worn for centuries to protect hair. 

I loved the idea of silk bonnets, but I also understood the impact that the production of this material had on the silk worm.

The ethos behind SilkGenie is to create handmade hair protection and accessories from real silk, whilst being kinder to the environment. 

All of the silk used by SilkGenie is recycled from used or dead-stock clothing items such as scarves, shirts and dresses. This helps to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, avoids further reliance on sourcing raw materials from the silkworm, and reduces pollution.

It doesn't just stop at the products though, I also use recyclable, minimalist packaging to get your items safely to your door.

Overnight curl protection is a very personal thing, and what works for one person, doesn't necessarily work for another. I listened to my customers and SilkGenie has grown from offering bonnets only to include silk lined hair wraps, and the latest additions, all silk hair wraps and silk lined woolly hats.

So, please take a look, and join me on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with new product lines and offers.